Gosh I feel exhausted!! Today has been a long stressful Monday! You know that feeling when you’re an hour into the day and can already tell that today’s going to be a write off?! I couldn’t even have my tea this morning because I was busy doing the jobs others had neglected! infuriating right?

I’m starting to realise that, for the first time in my life, being young is actually a hindrance. I suppose it’s that coupled with the fact that i’m an NQT which contributes to my colleagues carefully analysing everything I do and how I choose to do it. The thing is, when it comes to teaching there’s often no right or wrong, which is proved by the numerous learning theories and psychologies entwining the subject. Leaving teachers to find their own principles and ideals. It’s difficult to get a good balance of support and independence, and as much as I appreciate the help I have, sometimes I just want to do things my way even if that means making my own mistakes. But more importantly, I wished the rules were the same for everybody, not a specially revised version just for the young newbies!

On the up side, the children are fab! I really enjoy teaching them and the conversations are brilliant! Who wouldn’t want to spend their time talking about who is the most powerful superhero or how you could send a garden snail into space? A child said to me today, “I really, just, love you!” – as long as the little things still make you smile!

dream big

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Swapping the heels for slippers!

I’ve decided that working with children graciously entitles you to the least desirable attributes shared by both adolescence and old age. I’m sure the majority of you reading this will be all too familiar with the usual complaints of a teacher; low pay, long hours, clueless governments, and we wont even talk about the occasional Devil’s Spawn! And we all entered our jobs despite these issues, claiming in our interviews that our passion, motivation and enthusiasm overrides all the negatives. However what I didn’t consider was the huge probability that I would turn into an elderly teenager!!

Let me explain; My forehead currently boasts more spots than I have ever had in my lifetime, I consume more wine than I ever had before – and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve just left uni! I have precious little time to tidy my room – meaning lots of smelly socks on the floor! eww right?! But I’m also in bed by a reasonable time (mostly), drink horlicks before bedtime, listen to Magic fm when all the “racket these kids listen to these days” gets too much, and sensible shoes (and underwear) are essential!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, I love my job and immensely proud to say I’m a teacher and it’s what keeps a smile on my face. I’m merely illustrating the importance of not taking yourself too seriously. A very special person reminded me today that there will always be challenges and problems without fail. The art is to take a step back and assess weather it is worth getting stressed about and if so, what steps need to be taken, or it can be laughed at over a cup of horlicks (glass of wine ;p). And sometimes a constructive way to deal with shortcomings is to use it to your advantage to empower and motivate you.

You’re awesome! Go you!

“It’s been lovely to meet you!”….

Home Visits!

I’ve been visiting my children at their homes this week and it’s been absolutely wonderful! Every family we’ve visited have been so enthusiastic and helpful and I cant wait to have all the kids in my class now! However, the home visits are so tiring! I feel like I might go crazy if I say “It’s been lovely to meet you!”…or…”Would you like us to take our shoes off?” just once more! And if I didn’t already drink too many cups of tea, I have definitely set a record this week!

At first I was very nervous!…What do I say to the parents?..What if they ask me questions I don’t know the answer to?…etc… But I’ve been very lucky with the beautiful people we’ve met and I’ve realised it’s all about confidence and charm. If you are pleasant, keep smiling and seem like you know what your doing, most families are put at rest. After all, their baby is starting big school! it’s a huge deal for them! We must remember every one of the children is someone’s special jem!