Gosh I feel exhausted!! Today has been a long stressful Monday! You know that feeling when you’re an hour into the day and can already tell that today’s going to be a write off?! I couldn’t even have my tea this morning because I was busy doing the jobs others had neglected! infuriating right?

I’m starting to realise that, for the first time in my life, being young is actually a hindrance. I suppose it’s that coupled with the fact that i’m an NQT which contributes to my colleagues carefully analysing everything I do and how I choose to do it. The thing is, when it comes to teaching there’s often no right or wrong, which is proved by the numerous learning theories and psychologies entwining the subject. Leaving teachers to find their own principles and ideals. It’s difficult to get a good balance of support and independence, and as much as I appreciate the help I have, sometimes I just want to do things my way even if that means making my own mistakes. But more importantly, I wished the rules were the same for everybody, not a specially revised version just for the young newbies!

On the up side, the children are fab! I really enjoy teaching them and the conversations are brilliant! Who wouldn’t want to spend their time talking about who is the most powerful superhero or how you could send a garden snail into space? A child said to me today, “I really, just, love you!” – as long as the little things still make you smile!

dream big

Credit: Wellness


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