“Just keep swimming little fish”

It’s Wednesday and so far, a delightful week!

After a weekend away with the team, I thought it’d start off disorganised and panicked but actually it’s been okay, maybe I’m adapting to the high adrenaline lifestyle, becoming, more flexible even? :p Haha let’s hope so.

I have chosen to give my kids carpet spaces seeing as they like a good wriggle, it’s working well so far and I cant wait to rip off all the horrible masking tape when they finally remember their places. I’ve had some wonderful “Wow” moments lately; some children were interested in spider webs so we spent all afternoon looking for all the spider webs we could find in the garden and talking about why spiders don’t eat sausages and mash! Today we discovered what a boy thought was a cocoon was actually a seed pod from a tree after breaking it in half – I dread to think what would have resulted if there happened to be a creature inside! When showing the kids how to use the camera on the ipad, they accidentally switched the camera around which resulted in the most awesome “selfie” I’ve ever taken! I’ve been called Queen Elsa all day by the children because I chose to wear my hair differently and I definitely cant take my glasses off without it being a new conversation topic at carpet time! ┬áI love my kids. Simples.

I still find it so weird to think of myself as a teacher though, i’m still such a kid myself!

I think I’m slowly falling in love with early years, I mean, sure there are days when I wish I didn’t have to set up 9 different areas and write a billion post-it note observations, but the values and principles are so in sync with my opinions. I realised today that things that used to make me anxious and my blood pressure rise (e.g. swarms of loud seemingly uncontrollable children with flailing limbs) no longer fazes me, it seems to have a bigger impact when a “just go with it” attitude is adopted and they are allowed the independence to make their own choices and decisions. Of course boundaries and rules must be respected, but you’re going to get a lot more out of them when their interests lead the way.


Monday 6th October.

So, it momentarily fell apart last Friday, I felt a bit like a fish drowning under a sea of baseline assessments! But I’ve been reassured by many that a few tears along the way are only to be expected and I’ve talked to lots of other people who admit to going home to a good cry each night. But, god! This is our job! shouldn’t it ignite our passions and interests? And when it really comes down to it, a way of making money?! Why have we worked so hard to achieve a way of life that makes so many within it cry!? I feel slightly obliged to answer that with a suitably cheesy comment about it all being worth it etc… But I think it lends┬áitself better to rhetorical devices.

It feels so wrong to come home to your loved ones tired and drained, offering little more than a few grunts over dinner just because the best of you has been spent trying to please impossible people and trying in vain. And I assure you, its not just the world of Education I’m referring to here.

We’re only human, we don’t live forever.

To counteract the gloomy tone of this post, I believe this cat is appropriate…