Monday 6th October.

So, it momentarily fell apart last Friday, I felt a bit like a fish drowning under a sea of baseline assessments! But I’ve been reassured by many that a few tears along the way are only to be expected and I’ve talked to lots of other people who admit to going home to a good cry each night. But, god! This is our job! shouldn’t it ignite our passions and interests? And when it really comes down to it, a way of making money?! Why have we worked so hard to achieve a way of life that makes so many within it cry!? I feel slightly obliged to answer that with a suitably cheesy comment about it all being worth it etc… But I think it lendsĀ itself better to rhetorical devices.

It feels so wrong to come home to your loved ones tired and drained, offering little more than a few grunts over dinner just because the best of you has been spent trying to please impossible people and trying in vain. And I assure you, its not just the world of Education I’m referring to here.

We’re only human, we don’t live forever.

To counteract the gloomy tone of this post, I believe this cat is appropriate…


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