With a little magic…

So it’s been a while since I last posted, i’ve just been so busy! I am constantly exhausted, I’ve found a whole new meaning of the word tired! My daily routine now consists of applying half a tube of concealer on those bags under my eyes and slurping a Berocca – my new saving grace! It’s way better than a coffee!

I actually feel like a teacher now! And it makes me so proud, the children make me so proud!

Early Years can be many things; a magical place filled with glitter, fairy tales and endless opportunities to explore, somewhere comforting with smiles and teddy bears, and a non judgemental platform for children to cope with their emotions and social situations. As much as I agree that Early Years is a very unique place, and at times, feels like a completely different world to the rest of primary education, I feel that some important values are being lost in translation. Of course I’m not suggesting that children in year 6 should spend all day drawing dragons and playing with stickle-bricks, but I can’t help but think there’s something missing. They still need to be treated like the children they are, they’re still struggling with they’re emotions and finding it difficult to understand the world – I mean, who isn’t? They need to be supported and not expected to have it all together. we should let them be little, which can be challenging in a society which blurts out crude lyrics from every radio station and splashes anger and insecurities over the front page of every magazine and newspaper.

I like to think that my children know that if they need a cuddle, for whatever reason, they can come to me, even if they’ve done something wrong. Children won’t learn anything if they’re made to feel ashamed or disliked, they’ll just remember the way the adult made them feel. Boundaries and consequences need to be securely placed with “firm but fair” attitudes, but kids need to know they are valued. Children should be loved not hated.

Childhood is precious, lets help preserve it.


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