What a hectic December!

I had such a wonderful Christmas! But sometimes I feel the better the time you have at home, be it a half term holiday or weekend, the more difficult it is to acclimatise to the world of work again. I find myself just wishing I could go back to being with my beautiful family and friends, sleeping in, partying and eating cake…a lot of cake! The night before I started back at school last week, I was so nervous! It was like it was my first day again! I realised that I had spent the last two weeks being a 22 year old doing 22 year old things selfishly with little responsibility, I thought I might forget how to be a teacher! :p

Alas, my first week went fine and the children didn’t seem half as different as I thought they would be!

I survived my first term as an NQT! Whaaahoooo! 😀 And I can say I still love the kids… definitely a success if you ask me!


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