Hello there!

Welcome to my blog!
Despite appearances I do not have a passion for fish (Sorry to disappoint), I am a newly qualified teacher who will begin teaching an early years class in an outer London school this September. From my brief visits to the school in July I’ve realised I am very lucky to have been employed in such a fantastic school and I am very excited. However, I am fresh out of Uni and now amongst so many fantastically experienced and skilled practitioners, leaving me feeling like a very small fish in a rather large pond – hence the title! 🙂

I’ll blog regularly with the things that arise along the adventure of being an NQT. My main aim of this blog is to connect with other new teachers to share ideas, concerns and create a support network encouraging and motivating each other. So please do comment on my posts and share your opinions and experiences! But remember to keep it all confidential – no personal or place names!

2014/2015 is going to be one hell of a roller-coaster! BRING IT ON!

Credit: http://lauramarietv.com

Credit: http://lauramarietv.com


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